New Protocols

What to do when you arrive

When you arrive, PLEASE STAY IN YOUR VEHICLE, and text us to let us know you have arrived. We will text you a short questionnaire to fill out, then when your service provider is ready, we will text you to come to the front doors. 

* You must wear a mask at ALL times in our building. (if you don’t have one, we will provide one for you) Except during Massages and Facials. You can remove your mask once you are in the room, and then put it back on when you are finished.

* Please arrive ALONE, you can not bring anyone with you to your appointment.

* Your service provider will take your temperature with our touchless thermometer.

* Sanitize your hands at our sanitizing station.

* Your service provider will take you to their station/ room for your service.

* We will not be offering beverages at this time. If you bring your own drink, please make sure it has a straw so that you can drink it with out removing your mask.

* When your service is over, if you need any products, your service provider or a front desk associate will get what you need. (please do not touch products)

* There will be a $2.00 sanitation fee added to every service ticket

Elixir's Reopening Plan

Please Note: We will be reaching out to those whose appointments were cancelled in order of date cancelled. We apologize as no incoming calls will be answered until Further Notice.

Governor Abbott is allowing hair salons to open as early as Friday, May 8th. However, we want to be fully prepared in respect to the safety of our guests and our team.

Therefore, we will be having a Three Phase Opening plan.

  • Phase One – May 8th: Our front desk will begin calling guests who were scheduled during the closure. We will work in chronological order, and notify you of your new appointment time and day. We will not be accepting any phone calls,

  • Phase Two – May 18th: Salon & Spa services will begin for all guests who were scheduled during phase 1. We are doing this in an effort to prioritize our guests who were affected by the closure. No new appointments will be booked at this time.

  • Phase Three – June 1: Fully open as law allows, regular appointment scheduling will resume. Limited availability, social distancing set ups, and required PPE for all guests and employees will continue.

*Plexi glass between shampoo bowls & at both desks.

*Stations are 12 feet apart.

*No waiting areas/ extra people in the building.

*Sanitizing stations

*Touchless thermometer- all employees and guests have their temperature taken on arrival