Keratin Personalized Treatment

Your Hair. Your Way.
Go straight or stay curly (and everything in between)

Styled Finishes-Best for: Any hair type looking to smooth or straighten the hair and increase manageability with ZERO downtime.

Natural Curl Finish- Best for: Any guest with natural texture that is looking to define curl, increase manageability and reduce frizz.

This treatment is customizable, and has zero-downtime. Service takes 3.5 hours, and lasts up to 3 months.

Keratin Full Treatment

Best for: Any hair type with frizz and/or curl seeking the longest-lasting smoothness, manageability and protection against humidity. The Full Treatment takes 3 hours, and it lasts up to 5 months. Hair cannot be washed for 72 hours after the service.

Keratin Express Treatment

Best For: Any hair type with frizz and/or curl looking for a quick smoothing solution. The Express Treatment takes 1.5 hours, and treatment lasts up to 6 weeks. Hair can not be washed for 8 hours after the service.