Mermaid Hair Extensions

Thickest Hair in the Sea!


No Heat, No Glue, No Mess!                                                                                                            $1300+

Micro bead Extensions

The Mermaid Micro bead extension uses a non-slip micro bead to attach a tip extension to the existing hair. The tip looks much like the end of an ever-so-thin shoelace tip. The extensions are attached by using a micro bead and a loop tool. No heat, glue or chemicals! Beaded extensions are semi-permanent and last an average of 6 months & up depending upon quality of care.

What makes Mermaid Extensions so unique? Every order is handmade, twice as thick as any hair on the market and twice as special because you can customize it however you’d like!

Kaila & Christine are certified Mermaid Makers, trained by Katie Rogers, the founder of Mermaid Extensions! Call to schedule your complimentary consultation today! (Iles Formula Shampoo, Conditioner & Serum included with Extension Service)