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Tricia Ramsey

Licensed since 2007
Elixir Team since 2012

Tricia has been an esthetician for over a decade and found her home at Elixir in 2012. Because of her passion for natural beauty products and sense of environmental responsibility, working with Aveda was an easy decision for her! She specializes in the targeted treatment of problematic skin and performing fast but thorough body waxing. Tricia thinks even a Brazilian wax can be fun with the right attitude and skill! She is currently our Lead Esthetician and our resident “clean freak”! Whenever she isn’t at Elixir, you’ll probably find her snuggled up with her dogs, Krueger and Penny. She also enjoys hanging out with her husband and watching scary movies. Tricia thinks everyone should try an eyebrow tint at least once in their life, and spends her summers chasing people around with sunscreen.

Love the folks here and the services are wonderful!!! Services received include: Full Face wax, Brow Tint, Lash Tint, Nose Wax, Brazilian wax, and 60 Minute Custom Facial — all with Tricia. [Certified Review]

Wax with Tricia – wonderful!! She’s a pro!! Services received include under arm, half arm, half legs, nose, eyebrow, lip & chin wax, all with Tricia. [Certified Review]

Always love my facials with Tricia … she is amazing! Elixir is my favorite salon! 60 Minute Custom Facial and Eyebrow wax. [Certified Review]


Pretty much in love with this product! Our newest leave in conditioner that is full of nutrients for stronger, healthier, more hydrated hair. My favorite part is that it protects from heat up to 450 degrees!! ...

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Most Aveda Skincare classes include hands on training, and we use eachother as models. 💆🏻‍♀️ I like to think of it as a free facial treatment with the purchase of a spa class!! 💰

Also, would you look at the jawline on joshyj01!?!? He’s so dreamy 😍

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Would you look at these three little motivational speakers! I love the way the Aveda Tulasara Concentrates are named after the positive attribute they provide. Who wouldn’t want their skin to be more CALM, BRIGHT, and FIRM!?!? ...

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Sometimes you have to test out the new wax yourself! 😳😂👍🏻 ...

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